Thursday, 26 July 2012

Eventful couple of days

Even though I no longer have the shop, I'm still really quite busy with stuff. As well as spending more time with my family and actually cooking a lot more, I am designing classes, making kits for classes and now that I've discovered Pinterest, I seem to have no time at all. I had been wondering about it for some months and last week, I realised that an awful lot of people I know are also Pinterest addicts so thought there must be something to it that I really hadn't grasped. Oh my! It's a whole new world and such a time stealer!!! I already knew that the world is full of very talented people but oh my goodness, I have stumbled across some amazing art on my Pinterest travels and am well and truly addicted to it. Then to add to the addiction, out of the blue, you get a real buzz when you get that email to say that someone is following you just like the buzz when you get a new blog or Twitter I the only one that still gets that buzz?????

Wednesday's are Seb days. I always look after my little grandson on a Wednesday morning so that Sarah can go to work. Poor little guy has been really unwell, quite a nasty case of tonsillitis. Baby Isla has been under the weather too, she has had yet another ear infection, poor little mite, she's really prone to ear infections, we've lost count of how many she's had now and she's only 14 months old!

So after my Wednesday babysitting session, I climb in my car to go home only to discover I have a flat tyre!!! Not a good day to have a flat tyre when all the men in your life are at work and you have to be somewhere at 5pm that is a thirty minute drive away! So what do you change the dodgy tyre yourself! Well, in reality Sarah did do most of the hard work but between us we figured it out and were really quite chuffed with ourselves. Shame it was the hottest day of the year and the car was parked in direct sunlight but never mind, tis all fixed now and today I've been to get the replacement.

Also feeling very relieved that all my accounts from the business have finally been delivered to the accountant, my own personal tax return has been filed on-line and I have paid my hard earned pennies to the tax man, so all in all, I'm feeling as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my little world feels a much happier place!

It's pretty hot in my studio in the afternoons at the moment so I'm not spending as much time out there as I would like but I did have a little dabble this morning with some fun new products.

These are Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme by Pebeo. They stock them at The Craft Barn if you're interested. Leandra and I watched a demo of these earlier in the year at the show in Bluewater and really liked the concept but it has taken all these months for me to actually buy some!

This is just one colour in a bottle cap.

Second colour added. Please don't ask me what colours I used as I have so many samples on the go and foolishly didn't write down any of my colour combos!!! How magical to watch, the colours just kind of react with each other and you really never know what you are going to get.......such a lot of fun!

This is one of the Tando Creations butterflies. I painted it black to begin with to seal the surface a bit but now that I have played with the product a little bit, I don't think that it is really necessary.

I just love how the marbling appears even with just one colour....but when you introduce a second colour....just beautiful!

I think this last sample has to be my favourite though! This is an ATC size piece of greyboard. I have no idea what the heck I am going to do with any of these yet, but I'll let you know when I do!!

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of Missie Meg, my doggie who is really not coping that well with the hot weather......I keep finding her flaked out in strange places like in the middle of the laminate floor in the hallway where it seems to be a bit cooler. She has taken to crossing her paws when she settles down cute!!


Shelly Schmidt said...

The paints look very cool- I have not seen them in the US- will have to google them... Awww my dog is the same way- he lays on the Ceramic tile in the entrance way where it is cool.....

Helen said...

Oh, those paints DO look fun... love the colours. Cannot get sucked into them just yet however....
I really hope the weather cools down (as it is meant to) as I really don't like it either! Meg has grown so much since we last saw her!

Hilda said...

The gang from Cardmaking Paradise have been having great fun with those Prisme Fantasy paints Lin, and I have a whole collection of decorated "bits" that I have no idea what I am going to use them for lol!!!! I did drip Midnight Blue and Chestnust onto some plain square style stones and intend to make a bracelet!! Congratulations on signing off the taxman Lin, now you can consider yourself well and truly retired!!! Love the photo of Missie Meg, she looks adorablge in taht pose!!

inkypinkycraft said...

Sounds like a busy time, those paints do look fab! Have a great week trace x

Minxy said...

Good to know your keeping yourself busy lol, so much for retirement hehehe, Sorry to hear about the car issues, I'm finally taking lessons so I guess I have all that fun to come. Loving those paints the results you get, i'm sure you will come up with something fab for each sample xx Sending hugs xx

Jean Straw said...

Those paints definitely look like a lot of fun. I love the pieces you made, look forward to seeing what you do with them. Jean x

Karen said...

Love the effects these paints give and think I might have to go on a hunt for some. Absolutely love the greyboard piece - looks like a detailed ordnance survey map! Thanks for sharing Lin. Missie Meg looks too cute on the stair tread!

Karen x

Daniele said...

awww super sweet pooch with crossed legs, so lady like, sounds ike you have had quite a day, poor children the earache is awful in someone so young
looking forward to seeing the new classes fingers crossed for the configurations box

Sue C said...

Ooh the paints look gorgeous Lin ! Missy Meg looks so elegant with her paws crossed ! Sue C x

Anonymous said...

Hi hi, Missie Linda!
How cute Missie Meg is -- I feel so badly for our fur babies who can't speak -- little Bou-Boule actually hyper-ventilates because of the awful heat here. Poor things.
The new painty stuff looks gorgeous - another temptation to worry about. Such lovely swirly colour combos -- will have to look into all that, somehow.
Cars -- like computers and men - GREAT when all is well; extremely painful when they play up!!!!
Lots of love -- Missie Sally xoxox

Anonymous said...

And . . . . second comment from me . . . . have also felt interest twitches about Pinterest, but -- so far -- have been resisting even looking into it a little bit. I have visions of having to set up a camp bed in front of the computer. Already have glazed-over eyes, and just don't know what another time-intensive activity would do to me!
:-) :-)

annemarks said...

Looks like good fun playing with the paints :)