Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Artsycrafts.....a fab time was had by all

I got back from Artsycrafts late on Sunday night, tired but very happy. All I can say to our attendees is wow, you guys were amazing, you produced some fabulous artwork, really throwing yourselves in at the deep end and making the most of every single minute. We worked you hard, ate sooooo much food and had a lot of laughs along the way, so thank you for making the weekend a wonderful event, Leandra and I loved it as much as you.

Day 1 was all about sewing. We made  fabric books and each page was made on a separate square of backing fabric which were all stitched together to make a meandering book. This is actually my sample and hopefully you will be able to see how it all opens out in an interesting way. This is my front cover, the images were stamped with Rangers Archival Jet Black ink, heat set and then painted with watered down Fresco Finish paint by Paperartsy.
 Flip open the first page to reveal an image transfer on the left and some more stamped fabric on the right. The heart was actually die cut from fabric using Paperartsy's Tall Heart, stamped, painted and padded out with some wadding for a 3D effect.

The next page actually drops down to reveal a image that was stamped on Paperartsy's new Crackle paper. Organza fabric layered over the top and stitched to within an inch of it's life before burning away the fabric with a soldering iron. The bottom page was another image transfer. Leandra's daughter Courtney discovered that Paperartsy's Satin Glaze is actually an amazing medium to use for image transfers.

The third page opens to the right. More fabric stamping and image transfers but lots of embellishments, then on the right side, die cut crunchy paper dragonflies that have been stitched to lots of layers of fabric.
My book actually has one more drop down page, so here you can see the complete inside of the book.

But that's not all, then you have the back!!! These are close up shots of some of my back pages.

I have to admit, I was on the nervous side teaching a sewing project. Leandra and I have been discussing doing this for about three years....why did I worry.....I have no idea......nearly everyone came with a sewing machine, we had some spares which was great as we had quite a few people who flew in from Holland, France, Germany and Ireland as it would have been a bit tricky for those guys to take a machine on a plane. My worries were completely unfounded, everyone got really into very quickly. We even had a couple of lovely ladies who had never used a sewing machine until the night before the event and they were the first ones to finish!!!!!

Bit of an action shot here, the lovely Sue T. arranging her fabric. I think those hands and scissors on the right belong to the lovely Mary who has the same sewing machine as me!!!

I'm sorry that I don't know who this belongs to but whoever it was made a fabulous job of the image transfer on to fabric!
Day 2 - We had to move room over night.....tis a looooong story. The basic short story is that the venue double booked the room but it all worked out OK. It was more than adequate for our other two classes, the first of which was called the sewing room.

It comprised of two wooden frames that we hinged together book stylee and filled it with all things stitchery. Mr and Mrs Paperartsy launched a new line of sewing related stamps that we have been discussing for about four years and we dived into all sorts of things for this project. A bit of metal work, some polymer clay, some image transfers, some resin plaster, fabric stamping and we painted everything with Fresco Finish paint.

Andrea hard at work!

The lovely Missie Sally beavering away......she's probably gonna kill me for posting a picture of her!!

And the lovely Anita proudly displaying her gorgeous work.
Third and final day - Rusty Relic.
This class was all about paint, rusting powder, polymer clay & gold leaf, mica powder, image transfers, puff paint and Fresco Finish paint.

We had used a small amount of polymer clay on the previous class which I had prepared, and rolled out through the pasta machine as I had been a little worried about available time. Because we were not able to get the clay we had wanted, we realised that due to the amount of time required to condition the clay we had, we were going to have to prepare the clay for this class to. So this is a shot of the behind the scenes stuff at an Artsycrafts event....this was taken at nearly midnight!!!. Mr Paperartsy was chief clay chopper upper and stage 1 conditioner. I was stage two conditioner and responsible for getting the clay into the correct shape. Leander was official trimmer and in charge of applying the gold leaf and one of our fantastic volunteer helpers, Racheal was queen of wrapping and distribution.....all of which was helped along by a little glass or two of something lovely!

I think this sample may belong to Lou and I apologise now if I am wrong but I think it's hers as I remember that she put those cute little lables on her bottles.

Gorgeous colours of mica powder on the clay and fabulous rusting on the wooden frame......I love it!!

Painted, stamped and rusted bottles.

A painted canvas with a painted brass charm, fixed below some wire mesh with an opening nibbled in the mesh to reveal the canvas on the lower level of the project.

I think this beautiful sample belongs to Margriet from Holland.

So I think you'll agree it was a pretty jam packed weekend and such a lot of fun.

Finally, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to this event and previous events as this was the last Artsycrafts event that Leandra and I are doing. It has been an amazing adventure, we have loved every minute of it but it's time for me to slow down....I am supposed to be retired you know!!! Leandra and Mark are very busy at Paperartsy HQ and need to concentrate on their own business. There is no doubt about it, Artsycrafts has been one of the highlights of my career, I love working with Leandra but it takes so much time and effort to organise events of this scale and it really does disrupt everything else in your normal daily life. Our attendees at this event gave us the most wonderful send off and presented us with flowers, wine, choccies and a special little memento.....a jubilee rubber ducky.......which was hilarious but I really do love it and will treasure it forever.

http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/c0.13.133.133/p133x133/539990_458957840781939_1939610108_n.jpg I must apologise for this tiny picture but I have stolen it from Joan who travelled from Holland for our event and I have no idea how to make it larger!! I hope you don't mind Joan but it shows just what lucky girls we were, we're laden with gifts!!

 I'm leaving with with a snap of my favourite gift........Dicky the Duck!!


The Crafty Chick said...

Haha. My dicky is in the bath!!! We had a blast didn't we!!! Xxx

Li'l Pidge said...

Wow, I wish I could have come to this one. The fabric book is absolutely amazing. Have you thought about an online or video class for it? I would sign up!

Sarah said...

Work hard, play hard - time for the latter! Sorry to have missed it but it could not be....but I've always enjoyed the other events soooooo much. I learnt to make my first metal grunge rose at AC and got to meet the Lynne P!! Glorious creations on show...the inspiration you have given and professional approach won't fade that easily. Thanks again - and here's to the future and beyond... enjoy that prep-free existence...!
Sarah (still with a bump...see I could have come...)

Dallying Debz said...

He He, great rubber ducky! I was sad to hear it's the end of an era, but you look good on retirement so I can fuly understand why you don't want to spend 6 weeks kitting up for each event. Eeek, that's a lot of kitting up!

Thanks for all of the inspiration you have given. I'll always be grateful for what I've learnt from you and Leandra. Not just the techniques, but to have faith in my own ability and the courage to just go for it!


Rebecca said...

Stunning work
Happy craftin

Netrix said...

Pmsl xx

Netrix said...

I was checking my TL and came upon leandras post. I'm sad it's at an end but had a blast!!!!! Thanks for the fun times, now time for you to enjoy your retirement!!
Thanks again Lin xxx

Linda Cain said...

Oh, I just LOVE everything!!! Such fun and wonderful projects!


Linda Cain said...

Oh, I just LOVE everything!!! Such fun and wonderful projects!


kath said...

wow Lin such fabulous projects and now I'm just mad that I couldn't make it...end of a fabulous era but I can understand the amount of work you and Leandra have put in to all these events...sending big hugs kath xxx

Jacqui said...

Good luck to both of you - I loved the 2 events I got to and wished I could have dome them all especially this one - online classes might work I would sign up like a shot??? Anyway thank you

Mikki B said...

You may have retired
keep on crafting!!!
it'll keep you young lol

Helen said...

I am kicking myself now that I didn't move heaven and earth to make one of these - but I know how much has gone into putting them together... so enjoy retirement - luckily for us with some teaching/demo'ing - see you at the Craft Barn in a fortnight!! Love the duck!!

Carol said...

Artsycrafts have been fantastic and I've more than loved the ones I've been lucky enough to attend. So sad there won't be more, but fully understand how much time goes into organising. Both of you have done a wonderful job and we all have memories of the fun and laughs we had along the way. Thank you for passing on your wonderful talent. See you soon.
Carol. X

Anonymous said...

Dear Missie Linda:
How to thank you and Leandra enough for all the wonderful moments (including the panic-stricken ones!) we've spent together at AC. And -- on top of the fantastic projects/crafting -- the opportunity to make new, precious friends -- bravo, bravo, bravo. We will miss AC tremendously, but we understand totally! I was soooo tired after all the lovely work that I fell asleep sitting on the floor in the changing room on Monday while my Breenie was trying on clothes! She was duly impressed!!!
Where/when/how do we see each other next time: UK, France, Holland, or even further afield? Don't know yet, but I am SURE it will happen.
Lots of love and thanks for so many unforgettable memories and laughs and such fantastic teachings!
Missie Sally xoxoxo

Neet said...

You know the saying Lin, 'if the Mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed has to go to the mountain'. Guess I will have to travel and visit you and Leandra at the shows (thinking the 'big' ones) as I know I will miss you both so much.
Thanks for a wonderful weekend my only regret is I didn't do the middle day.
I love both of my projects but the fabric book has got me loving my new sewing machine so much that I want to make page after page - and do that marvellous transfer method that Courtenay discovered.
Mind you, I want to rust everything in sight too!
Good luck with your workshops (not that YOU need it with your talent and experience)and Good Luck with everything you do - just Enjoy your life!
Gonna miss you and AC - think of me as you sail your rubber duck! Hugs, Neet xx

The Sparkly Fairy said...

Love the book! What an amazing time you must have had!

Trish said...

Thank you once again for such a fantastic weekend, and for all the ArtsyCrafts weekends in the past, you have taught me so much, and inspired my crafting loads!

Gabrielle said...

I absolutely loved the ArtsyCrafts I went to. I saw first hand just how hard you both worked, the amount of detail you included and the warmth which you showed us all. I have my creation proudly up on my wall and I often look at it and am reminded of a fab time.
However all good things come to an end and you, and all the team behind the scenes, deserve a well earned break. Thank you for sharing your talent, creativity, knowledge and above all patience with us xxx

wendy vecchi said...

lucky lucky gals.
what a wonderful event.

wish you were coming to CHA...boohoo...

Bethan said...

What a wonderful weekend we had with you at AC. If I'd only done the sewing class I'd have died happy, it was a brilliant project...with plans to do more of them! the other two classes were brilliant aswell. Thanks for all your hard work in preparing and taking us through to then other end..so sad that it was the last one. But its great to go out on a high. All the very best!


Rachele Dennis said...

Thanks again for a lovely weekend Lin, I enjoyed the projects so much and now am desperate for some free time to play more with fabric. Can't wait to see your workshop line up for the summer.
P.s. Mine was the image transfer page you commented on :)

lin said...

your book is absolutely gorgeous...sulking even more now that i couldn't come to artsy crafts...you look like you all had fun and an end to an era i guess.

see you soon

Mark said...

Lin and Leandra, thank you very much for the AC events!! It was wonderful, and well worth the journeys from the Netherlands. We also enjoyed the pleasant times in the bar before and after the events! A special thanks from Mark, who has finally learned to sew :)
Hope to meet you again somewhere, sometime! Bye, Mark and Ineke

Edwina said...

Hi Lin & Leandra thank you both for a lovely weekend of fabulous Artsycrafting. I had a fun time meeting up with old friends & made a few new one's to. I absolutely loved all of the classes but my favorite was the "Rusty Thing" I just love rust. Sorry that this was the last class but hope to see you both at the shows.
Thanks again Edwina