Monday, 26 March 2012

Update of events

Got a busy day a girlie afternoon with my oldest grand daughter Amillie. It's her 4th birthday this coming weekend and as I'll be in Paris with the Paperartsy guys, we are going shopping to choose birthday presents. She knows exactly want she wants mind.....when I asked if she had any ideas, she immediately replied " I would like a new pair of pink party shoes please cos mine are just ruined!!!!" Pink party shoes it is then!!!

I'm feeling much happier this week. My Dad is doing much better. He's been moved to a regular ward now instead of the acute assessment ward which he is also pleased about. He has got a long way to go but we can all see a huge improvement in him which is fantastic news. He just has to accept the fact that he's 78 and not 28 anymore which is going to be a toughie for my Dad, he's always been such an active man.

Also got my car clutch....all fixed.....fabulous!!!

Got a surprise package in the mail from Leandra....look at these little beauties......the brand of the press new stamps by the uber talented Lynne Perrella and made by Paperartsy!!! I can't wait to try them.

I can't decide which plate I like best.......lucky me to have all four sets!!!!

And finally, yesterday was Seb's first Birthday. We have soooo many birthdays in our family in the early part of the year but of course a first birthday is a very special one.
So that's a quick round up of my weekend....hope yours was just as lovely.


Helen said...

Great new stamps - have a lovely day shopping for pink party shoes - and wow, Seb - 1 year old - what a cake! See you soon!

Minxy said...

Sorry to hear you dad has been poorly, sending hugs for you all and happy birthday to both Seb and Amillie.
Ps: nice stamps you lucky thing you

Ann B said...

Glad things are on the up for you and that your Dad is improving. My Dad had two heart attacks at a similar age, the second of which was while he was still in hospital waiting to be discharged, so very lucky. It took him quite a few weeks to get back on his feet but he did it and I'm sure your Dad will too.

Love the stamps and very envious of your Paris trip - enjoy.

Oh, and congratulations to Seb, hope he didn't eat all of that enormous cake by himself.

Gabrielle said...

What a week! So much more positive news than before. Chuffed your dad is on the mend, that your car is fixed and that pink party shoes are decided upon! Seb looks very happy to be one, I hope Amillie is just as thrilled (though aren't we all at four?!)
Those new stamps are delicious! What wonderful post you are getting! Good luck with the packing and hope to see you soon x

jill said...

Great news on your dad's improvement, & finally your car is sorted.
Have fun getting pink party shoes with your grand daughter.
Fab stamps also.

Hilda said...

I love the sound of "pink party shoes" lin and hope you get yourself a pair aswel lol!!! Can't believe yur little man is 1 already - where did that year go?? Great news abour your Dad too Lin, you must be so relieved to know he is on the road to full recovery. Love, love, love those new Lynne Perella designs!!

Linda Cain said...

so glad to hear about your dad. LOVE the stamps! Lynne is such a brilliant artist!


Lin said...

wow you have had a busy glad your dad is on the mend you must be so relieved. Seb looks like he had the perfect birthday...beautiful cake for a little star:) Enjoy your girly shopping for the pink party shoes lol.
The stamps are great wouldn't know which ones to choose....have a great time in paris see you at ally pally!!