Saturday, 3 December 2011

Imagine the journey

Today I taught a fun class called "Imagine the Journey" with a fun group of ladies, they all did an amazing job with their little wall hanging. Shelley is probably going to kill me for posting this picture but maybe she'll forgive me as it is the last class that she has booked with me. In fact, today was my penultimate class before the shop closes in a couple of weeks time........who could have imagined what a journey this turned out to be for me?

Margaret made this gorgeous piece as a gift for her brother......I'm sure he's gonna love it!

This one belongs to Chris.

And this is Sheila's.

And Trish made this one.

Sweta's work.

And last but not least June's

So it's  has been a fun day today and tomorrow should be a lot of fun too as it's Dickens of A Christmas in Olney tomorrow. Don't forget everything in the shop is now reduced with the exception of Fresco Finish paint and Pan Pastels, so their are lots of amazing bargains to be had. Just a little reminder that we will be open from 10am - 3pm, hope you can join us for the Victorian stylee Christmas festivities.



Lottie said...

What a lovely course and beautiful work.

You must be so very very proud of all you have achieved - all your workshops- of which I attended one - but had such fun and was so very proud of what I achieved - it was worth the trip from Norfolk!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend - and every happiness for your retirement - I can highly recommend it!!!!

Helen said...

What amazing work from all of the ladies! Have a great day tomorrow... wish I could get there. Would have been nice to visit the shop once!

Lulabelle said...

Linda I came to your shop on Sunday I am so sorry I didn't wish you well in your retirement (of course I do) I was in shock as to how much had gone and how big your gorgeous little shop looked!
I am a suffer of agoraphobia and had not been out for years until I visited your shop with lots of encouragement from my hubby who I had been sending there for years,
You should me some TSS techniques and I brought a load of stuff! Since then I have visited your shop every time I feel 'we'll' enough to come
I shall really miss visiting you, Karen and your wonderful shop but I do wish you well and hope you find time to enjoy arting and you grandchildren! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me out once in a while!