Thursday, 3 November 2011

Two posts in one day!!!

Two blog posts in one day.......what's going on you may say?A huge sale in the shop is what's going on, tis a mammoth task reducing all this stuff and of course there is more stuff in the shop that there is in the website so you can just imagine what it's like.

Having spoken to Sweet Pea, my webmaster extraordinaire this morning about the very long list of now "out of stock" items, we discussed the next website reductions and agreed that it should be none other that Tim Holtz stamps....yep, that's right 25% of all the remaining sets that we have in stock.

Once I got the heads up from Linda that website was all up to date, I thought I would set to and tell you guys. Well how bloomin internet connection in the shop. Never mind me thinks, I'll do it when I get home. Having said hello to a very excited Meg the dog, I fired up my lovely laptop....still no internet connection! Hmmmmm very strange me thinks to myself again. Fired up home jumbo comp. and I have connection so I'm seriously worried that my trusty laptop is a bit poorly sick. Hope Mark the master of all trades can fix me up cos I'm gonna be lost without my laptop.

Anyways nuff of my whinging here's the link to reduced Tim Stamps 25% of regular prices

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