Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dina Wakley opportunity

An extremely quick post this morning as I'm off to pick Dian Wakley up from the station in about 30 minutes!!!!
As you know, Dina is teaching at my store for the next two days, it's a fabric, mini booky type of project and one of my lovely, lovely ladies is very poorly sick and has landed up in hospital with a collapsed lung!!!!! To say that she is devastated that she is going to miss the class is an understatement but of course we now have an opening. If anyone would like this place, please call Karen in the shop on 01234 714848.

Sending lots of love and comfort hugs to Nicky, I do hope you feel better very soon.

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Alison said...

Had a wonderful time getting inky & painty with you yesterday Lin, just so sad poor Nicky couldn't come though. Hope your week is good, & everything falls into place!
Alison xx