Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cornish Delights

I'm back at work today having spent six lovely days with my hubby down in the sleepy hollow of Cornwall. It really is like taking a step back in time, the way of life is so relaxed and calm. Lots of fishing boats, Cornish pasties, cream teas and amazing views.

Can you believe that these fabulous tall ships were about 20 yards away from the door of our hotel? Apparently quite a lot of the Onedin line was filmed here in Charlestown.

There is something amazing about having breakfast every morning with a view like this, it kind of sets you up for the day.

Now you simply cannot go to Cornwall and experience at least one Cornish cream tea. Warm scones, clotted cream and home made jam......yum, yum!!! The funny thing is that we had this cream tea in a brewery!!!!
The weather was not fantastic when we were there but we did get some sunshine and blue skies which always helps when taking holiday snaps.
Both Mark and I wanted to visit the Eden project just outside St. Austell and although yours truly had a lovely cold while I was there, it didn't spoil our days out. This place is simply amazing, if you ever get the opportunity to go, it really is a must, after all where else would you see a frying pan this big, full of paella?
Beautifully designed, with breath taking flowers everywhere.
It is set in the hill side of an old quarry, lots of uphill walking but it really was worth the aching legs.
Michaels Mount always makes a picture postcard photo.
And just to prove that we went to Land's End!
The bay at Megavissey.....the water was very calm, almost like glass.
Now this was one of the funniest things.....a reclamation company had an Elvis making a phone call from an old Phone box with a pink bath tub of plants on top.......who thinks this stuff up???
Now to some of my special purchases....there is a fabulous shop in Bath called Instant Vintage.....I love this shop....I even loved the brown paper bag that they put my goodies in!!!
Okay, so that's a brief review of my week and today it's back to reality, so I'm catching up on paperwork and shop stuff......not so much fun.......I'm thinking a cream tea would make it better!!!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some very exciting news about a guest tutor who will be teaching here later in the year.....until then.....have a creative day.



Ycats said...

holly crap! Charlestown? I think you were just a hour away from where I live! O.o

Helen said...

I love Cornwall, and I have always wanted to go to the Eden Project ever since I watched the TV seeries about how they built it..... looks amazing. Hope you are not working too hard (bit like me....!)

celia said...

Hello, when I saw your post in google reader, I just looked at the photos .... I had a "déjà vu".
We have been some years ago, that all go visit with our friends from Summerset! It was so beautiful, and all those beautiful shops in Bath ... sigh .... I bought handmade paper! It is a pleasure to see these pictures, the ships, the sea, we also ate the delicious warm scones and visited Eden Project.Bedakt these pictures to share with us!
Hug, Celia.

mamapez5 said...

I love all your photos of Cornwall. Such a beautiful place. Hope you had a relaxing time there.
I have to say that you could fit at least four of those paellas into the one they make for our village fiesta, but then I do live in Spain. They let me stir it once with a thing a bit like a garden rake only much longer, and it was real hard work!
Let me know if you ever reconsider selling to Europe. I am always hankering after the lovely things on your site. But I'm coming over to the big show in NEC in November. Any chance you might be there? Kate

Fuchsia said...

Oh I am Jealous !
Cornwall is my most fave place in the world ,glad you managed to Go to Eden I have been the five times now and each time its different .
anyway back to earth LOL

Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) said...

How lovely .... such a nice break for the two of you .... St Michael's Mount means the helicoper to Isles of Scilly .... if you get the chance go it is amazingly beautiful.

Love the Vintage goodies, I need to track it down in Bath ... off to Bristol soon and it's not that far away.



Dragon said...

What lovely photos... I would love to visit the Eden project too... looking forward to tomorrow's news

steph said...

Cornwall looks stunning - definately want to go there some time. Sounds like you had a great time :).
Looking forward to hearing your news :)

Jenni said...

Your holiday in Cornwall looks super, lovely pics! Mmmm, yummy cream tea! Great vintage goodies!