Sunday, 24 July 2011

Artsycrafts update

It's Sunday and all the Artsycrafts places will finally be up for sale tonight on the Paperartsy website. Leandra has worked her little socks off this week, preparing the website ready for places to be available for purchase and tonight's the night....tis all very exciting. As the whole world now knows that the one and only Lynne Perrella is our very special guest tutor and I am sorry if I keep repeating myself,but I am feeling a little overwhelmed that she will actually be part of one of our Artsycrafts events. Having said that,  I need to stress to you guys that there are only 25 spaces available on each of the three days at Warrington for Lynne's classes. So if you would like to be part of this amazing opportunity to take a class with Lynne or of course Leandra and I, don't hang around too long before booking, you know that saying if you snooze, you lose......I'm just sayin'. Leandra has explained how it will all work beautifully, so the next section of this post are Leandra's words, giving you all the information you need. We are aiming for the tickets to go on sale tonight at 8pm (that's 8pm here in the UK) so fingers crossed, no technical hitches, you will be able to secure your place then.

So....How will it work?

At the Warrington ArtsyCrafts, Lin and I will teach two different 1 day classes on October 15th, 16th, and in her own classroom, Lynne Perrella will teach 3 different 1 day classes on October 14, 15, 16. You will be able to book any combination of day-long classes with any combination of teachers. You might come for 1 day, or maybe 3, it's entirely up to you which class you attend each day. The maximum you will be able to attend is 3 of the 5 classes on offer.

Newport Pagnell ArtsyCrafts on October 22nd, 23rd will be a regular 2 day ArtsyCrafts event. It will only be available to book as a 2 day inclusive event (as normal)

Booking Procedure
So what next? Well if you have been following us for the last couple of weeks on twitter/ facebook or here on the blog, you will already know that tickets go on sale Sunday evening (24th July) from the PaperArtsy Website. We do not know an exact time yet, as we still have some crinkles to iron out, so watch the twitter feed, but we are aiming for 8pm.

At the moment you can see an information page with dates and costs, but sometime tomorrow below that information the class descriptions will be up so that you should be able to read up on the classes and can plan out which you want to book. And then at 8pm, we will release the tickets so you will be able to add classes into your basket, proceed to checkout and pay.

Ordering and Payment......insider tips... 
The fastest way to book classes is to add classes to your basket, and then click 'telephone payment' at the checkout. Your order will be placed immediately. We will then call you sometime next week for your credit card details and process your payment over the phone.

It is equally as fast (only for people in the UK) if you select 'bank online transfer' (BACS) but this does require you actually go online and transfer money into our account, so this is not recommended for EU or international customers.

If you wish to pay online with your credit card, please use 'secureform' this is a third party secure payment gateway. Once we have received your order, and we are ready to bill your card, we then can then approve your card to be charged sometime later this week.

Paypal is not ideal for various reasons that I won't bore you with, but in this situation it is slow as you have to leave our website to go to paypal, log in to paypal, make payment and then eventually come back to our site when finally your shopping basket/ waiting order will recognise your payment was successful. We would really prefer for administrative reasons that you don't use paypal to pay for these classes if possible, especially if you are an international student who will need their invoices amended to include 20% VAT.

For every single order we do like to manually check that each order is correct before we take payment. For example, that you have got the right number of classes or that nothing clashes. If you have ordered something in error, we can easily make amendments (particularly to add VAT to international orders), and check back with you BEFORE we take payment.  We can't do this so easily with paypal, so this is why we are asking you to avoid the paypal gateway on this occasion.

 I am feeling that we have made such a huge fuss of the Warrington event and I would love to stress to you that the event for Newport Pagnell will also be fabulous. Leandra and I have cooked up a couple of amazing classes so please do not feel that you will be missing out if you come to Newport Pagnell, it's going to be a blast just like it always is.

And now for the announcement of the lucky winner of six of Paperartsy's Fresco Finish paints. Quite a few of you guessed correctly but the lucky lady who wins these scrummy paints for leaving a comment on my blog is Jackie.

Blogger Jackie said...My guess is Lynn Perella. I do hope so, I lover her work!
21 July 2011 22:05

Jackie, please email me with your wish list of colours along with your address and I will having them sent out to you straight away. 

OK, that's me for today....back to defrosting my freezer......not one of my favourite pastimes!

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