Friday, 6 May 2011

class release

Just a quick post today to let you know that all the know classes are on the website for viewing. The date for your diary is Saturday 14th May 2011 which is the date these classes will go on sale. As usual, it will be strictly first come first served, we cannot reserve any places before this date........sorry.

Hope to see you on a class sometime soon, Lin

P.S. Is anyone listening to Hugh Laurie on Chris Evans breakfast show this morning???? I love Hugh Laurie, I love House and I'm definitely gonna buy his new album on Monday


kjjc said...

Luuuuuurve House. Everytime one of us is ill we say we need good ol' Greg. Classes look super.

Doone said...

saw his review when he did hid first Gig in New Orleans,

that man has so much talent - I explained to Niall I may have to be unfaithful if asked - hope to see you in a class soon,


Sue C said...

Hugh is rather yummy ! Had to wait to dry my hair while he was talking ! Looking forward to (hopefully) booking on to a class or 2 !
Sue C

Helen said...

I love him too, but was already at work - no radios here!! he has an album? I am intrigued; off to check it out.

Linda Cain said...

You KNOW I love houses....these are to die for!!!!

Such a fun project~


Jenny and Jimbob said...

Love love love Hugh Laurie. Have you seen him in other stuff? He was in Sense and Sensibility!

SOAN said...

I love you so much you're work it's extrodinary for me the novice sorry for the english i'm french kiss and beautiful day