Sunday, 17 October 2010

Countdown to AC

So this has been another bonkers week. Boxes of goodies arriving for our Artsycrafts events which start next weekend. Karen has been finishing up the kits, Team LB (myself, Karen and Linda E.) stayed late after work one night this week making last minutes samples.......lots of laughter.....lots of fun.....another fish and chip supper.....oh, actually that's a big fat fib.....sausage and chip supper followed by lots of chocolate and coffee. Then team PA (Leandra, Lynne and Jo) spent a day or so at PA world HQ making their samples. Sorry I'm not showing sneaky peeks yet.....maybe later in the week if you are all good bloggers.

So, I'm still making name badges.....106 of them to be precise!!!! I keep telling myself that the practice is good for me!!!!! So here's a snap of the production line.

Do you remember the post I did where I showed you some jewellery pieces that I had made with some of the Tim Holtz Ideaology range, well I was trying to figure out a way of making this piece into a pin without removing the top link from the 1" x 1" memory frame. Then suddenly at 5.30am this morning it came to me....why don't I just use ribbon and pin it on like a medal, that way you can change the colour of the ribbon and be colour co-ordinated every day....I'm liking that idea. And now for the progress on the epic project going on in my garden that is going to be my new studio. Mark had a week off work last week to try and get the groundwork prepared for all the new pathways and the base for the studio. I now know why he was keen to do this project, not only is it going to be a fab studio for me, it is also going to be an observatory for him!!!!! He has this really humungous telescope thing that he hooks his camera up to and takes photographs of the stars, so he wants somewhere that he can leave it set up and when it's a clear night, he can go stargazing to his hearts's all a bit too cold for my liking but he loves it!

So here are my boys, filling in and leveling off the hole that they dug last week. That great big post thingy is what the telescope is going to be mounted on.
Alex having fun with another toy. It's one of those compacting gadgets. We were very lucky, Alex is a landscaper and his boss let us borrow all sorts of equipment which has made life much easier from them......and of course boys do love their toys.

Finally, here's a shot of my new patio area. Can't wait for next summer now so we can have our first BBQ!!!

Well, that's been my week. Next week is probably going to be even more hectic as we try to get all the supplies ready for Artsycrafts as well as run the shop, so blogging might be a bit thin on the ground again next week but I'll try and keep you updated with all the news if I can.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm off to make more tea for the workers and tackle the mountain of paperwork that is sitting on my desk.


Linda Cain said...

Extremely cool idea! Way to go!

steph said...

very excited for AC this weekend :).
Can't wait to see your finished studio - it is going to be fab :)

Francesca said...

Can't wait for the AC getting really exicted, progress looks good on your new studio.

Pat said...

Like the work on your new backyard/studio. Hans is also a avid stargazer and telescope maker.

Pat in Norway

Karin said...

Getting very excited about AC this weekend :-)
Your pin looks stunning, great idea to ribbon to finish it off.
It's great to see the progress on your new studio can't wait to see how it turns out.

Ali H said...

Only 5 sleeps to go to AC !
Looking forward to being covered in ink and paint within an hour of kicking off on Saturday !!
Your syudio project looks ace - and a whole new room to decorate with your art too !

Pat said...

I can't wait to see the next pictures!

Your new patio area looks great!

Hugs, Pat in the USA

Helen said...

The garden looks great and the studio will be fab, can we all come and play, lol! Love the ribbon idea for your pin. Oh, it's so good to be back!