Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Oh what a night

To say that I am tired would be the understatement of the year!!! As you all know, the tickets for our Artsycrafts event in February, with special guest Tim Holtz, went on sale last night. We knew it was going to be busy, that's why Karen, Linda E and myself headed off after work
down to PaperArtsy HQ to help out with the paperwork and processing of ticket sales. Well, to say we are all gobsmacked would be putting it mildly!!!! Everything sold out in about 40 minutes!!!! The website went into near meltdown trying to cope with the volume of people trying to purchase tickets.
We had a bit of a production line going on with the processing procedure.....Leandra and Mark in the driving seats, I'm processing card payments and Linda is finalising the paperwork. What you can't see here is Jo Firth - Young and Karen working hard in the background so it was a real team effort until about 1.30am when we decided we needed to hit the road as we had a one 1/2 hour drive home. At this point I would like to tell you that Leandra and Mark stayed up all night in order to allocate and process ticket sales so that you guys would have some sort of confirmation in your inbox this morning.
Those guys have worked their little socks off and are still ploughing their way through things now, so if you have not heard anything yet, please be patient, it is a mammoth time consuming task which was made even more difficult for them due to the problems the website encountered because of the overwhelming surge of traffic through the site. We can't thank you enough for your patience and would like to point out that the website guys have sincerely apologised for any problems that you may have encountered....we simply under estimated how many of you wanted a ticket!!!

Thought you might enjoy this picture of Linda E. playing with her new found toy. She was allowed to stamp a stamp of approval on all orders processed........I think she had a really good time, don't you?

Okay, on to other stuff...... I was lucky enough to get a few days away in the Lake District recently......did a lot of walking, sight seeing, eating, a bit of shopping and more eating.....actually I don't think I have ever eaten so much in all my life.....I had the bestest breakfast every day and we found a wonderful restaurant that we visited every evening as we liked it so much.
I have a few funny stories to tell you about our hotel but that will be another day as I really am supposed to be working a the moment but I just wanted to leave you with a little piccie of a couple of my purchases.......oh and you need to check back soon for news of Penny's potential boyfriend!!!

In the meantime I would like you to meet Dolly and Dolly's daughter Dotty.


Steph Martin said...

I would like to thank you, Leandra and all of the team for the hard work you have all put in setting up the Tim and PA craft event and all the hard work involved in processing all the ticket orders.
I was one of the very lucky ones to get a Golden Ticket for the second session on the Thurs and I am very excited.
Sounds like you had a fab time in the Lake District and I love your purchases.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin
I too would like to say a very big thankyou to all the team for getting Tim over here and working long hours yesterday when the tickets went on sale. To say it was the most nail biting time I have had in a long time is an understatement! Gald to say I managed to get a golden ticket for the second session on thursday as well....just can't wait

Love Dolly and Dotty and can't wait to see what you do woth them

Lin said...

Didn't mean to post as anonymous sorry

Artyjen said...

I can't thank all the team enough for the long hours....bit of a dream come true actually getting a ticket :)
Love the dress forms!
xoxo Sioux

Anonymous said...

We were in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago, Lin. Isn't it just beautiful. See you at Ally.

Jackie Thornhill

Sue C said...

Huge thanks for your hardwork, I've had to read the 'complete' email twice can't believe I managed to get a ticket for the first session on the Thursday.

Love your purchases too !


Linda Elbourne said...

Oh my goodness ... I have Gladys here ... she is clearly related to Dolly and Dotty ... maybe a cousin ... I shall be keeping a close eye on your plans for then :0)
As for having fun ... I had a ball last night ... best night out in ages seeing all those lucky people getting tickets to see Lord Tim!

Lottie said...

You all certainly work hard for your living don't you - and you all seem to positively thrive on it. I hope that you get a well earned rest at the weekend.

And I just love the Lake District - and funnily enough did the same as you when we were there - kept going back to the most amazing pub restaurant near Ullswater for our evening meals - and sticky toffee pudding was the best ever!

Anne Jagger said...

Thank you to all of you for your hard work and prompt confirmations!

Karin said...

I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone for making sure we got those complete emails ASAP. Kaz and I were on the phone to each other during the anxious booking process.

Love your latest purchases,Dolly and dotty look really fab.

Carmen said...

Those dress forms are adorable!!!

Linda Cain said...

Too cute...you're going to have a fabulous Time With Tim!!!

kath said...

thank you so much for all your hard work...Carol and I were on tenterhooks but yeah we were successful and look forward to meeting you all on Friday Feb 25th....big hugs kath xxx

Piddawinkle said...

Oh Lin and co, cant tell you how nervous I was last night, as the system went into overload and slowed down to an ancient snails pace, and then I forgot to put delivery type in and had to wait for it to cycle round again, but it worked eventually and I got a ticket, am over the moon and so looking forward to it, Thanks you so much for organizing this and to Tim thanks for making some of our dreams come true. Cu in Feb, yee haa :))) (I decided thats a big grin) LOL

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, congratulations to all who got tickets, I'm totally jealous, had to go out for hubby's birthday and couldn't log in until 9.45pm and it was all sold out, might have guessed:{ Ah well that's the way it goes:{ You'll all have to give lots of info after the event and can you book some more dates, Please Lin and Leandra??????disappointed over here but I'll cope:) xx

Helen said...

You had such a busy, late night. I am sure everyone who was lucky enough to get tickets is soooo grateful. In the end I decided I just couldn't allocate the money this far in advance so had to stop myself from logging on last night. I know it will be awesome - can't wait for the pics and stories. I DO hope to get to one of your weekends next year though, finances, job, etc permitting!
Love Dolly and Dotty, you will turn them into something stunning. Hope you'll show us some pics of your time in the Lake District.

jojo79 said...

Thanks for all your hard work, couldn't sleep last night was worried that I hadn't filled in all the details correctly and hadn't been allocated a ticket. Was a great relief to receive the email this morning. Can't wait now :)

Sarah Somerset said...

Lin, you guys were amazing last night, thanks so much for making sure as many of as as possible got our emails. Its going to seem like a long wait now x

Sue West said...

Thank you all so much for working so hard to organise what is going to be a fabulous event. I was so excited to get my 3 emails this morning. I've started my countdown.
Sue x

Li'l Pidge said...

I got a lucky golden ticket for the 2nd session on the Tuesday also, I cant thank you all enough, first for convincing Tim to come to the UK but mainly for all the effort all you guys put in processessing-I haven't stopped doing my happy dance around the kitchen yet and my hubby is wondering what is going on!

Dragon said...

Thanks to you and all the team for your mammoth efforts on our behalf... not only will it be great to work with Th but I finally get to do soe=me stuff with you and Leandra after missing out with hip and knee ops etc thus far...

Pat said...

Great work and thanks to the registrating team at HQ.
Sounds as if there weren't many a cuppa last evening.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Feb. 2011.

Val said...

Hi Lin - thank you so much to you, Leandra and all the team, working so hard on our behalves to get things through, and also for getting the Lord Tim to come over here in the first place for this - it is such a achievement.

I am so excited that I managed to get a place on the second session for the Thursday. You have no idea how worried I was that when I got to put my delivery details in, and the whole thing had to recycle, that I would not get a ticket - but it came through in the end.

Thank you all.

PS: I love your new purchases, can't wait to see what you do with them.

stampsally said...

Dear Lin, Leandra, Karen, Linda E., & Jo -- what a team -- what a night!!!! What excitement. I think you are all the greatest!!!!
Love to you all from Sally xxxx

GlitteryKatie said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work!!
Despite managing to put 6 tickets in my basket at one point (I was impatient and over clicked- OOPS!) I managed to sort it out and get my mitts on a ticket- cannot tell you have excited I am!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to Lin and her team to say thank you all so much for processing the orders so quickly and making sure we got emails through ASAP. I too was lucky enough to get the all important email though to say I have a ticket and I can't wait!! I have never been to any artsycraft things before,so can't wait. Thanks again, see you soon.