Monday, 20 September 2010

Alexandra Palace

Time certainly flies doesn't it? We are on the countdown to Ally Pally again and I just needed to let you guys know that for ONE DAY ONLY, the shop will be closed on Saturday 25th September because we will be at the show. I have a whole host of people that I usually call on to help out staffing the show and shop but this time around things have not quite worked out to my plan A....basically, daughter no. 1 is on a hen weekend, daughter no. 2 is expecting our third grandchild. Her husband Chris has to work and everyone else is on holiday so we have gone to plan B and will close the shop for just one day.

So here I am tracking all my shipments.....biting my nails.....tearing my hair out....eating chocolate.......and wondering if it will all come together in time for the show. My B Line order was shipped on 4th September....just found out that it has just hit customs, think that one must have been around the world three times before finally deciding to land in the UK, but at least I know that it's in the country now. My Stampers Anonymous order should have been shipped direct to the shop (this was ordered in July) but of course that would be too easy and it has been via California and as we speak it is at East Midlands airport waiting to clear customs. Finally my Australian order from the lovely Julie Van Oosten seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I have a tracking number but apart from an acceptance entry in Australia, I have no further information so if you guys are hoping to get one of those fabby cotton reel kit thingies, you need to start crossing your fingers now.

On a lighter note. I will be doing some give aways again this year....I haven't made them yet so can't show you a piccie but I'll make a start tonight and then I'll be able to photograph them with my new whizzy camera that I got is dandy and I love it!!!! All you will need to do to get a handmade pin will be splash a few pennies on some PaperArtsy stamps or Ten Second Studio products....more details to follow later in the week.

Okay, I need to get back to packing my boxes.


Linda Elbourne said...

Cannot wait :0)

The Taming of the Glue said...

Really looking forward to the show. Will head for your stand!!

Jennie said...

mmm know what you mean about nail biting.. what is it about East Midlands airport!!!!
See you there, she says amid lots of boxes and piles of rubber :)))

Elaine A said...

Lin -

Hope all the things you are waiting for arrive soon. I'm waiting for Julie's Collection Elements Spools to be available at your shop so I can purchase. Can't wait to get my hands on them.
Now take a deep breath, things will be fine.

Elaine Allen

Kay said...

See you there.... can't wait!!

Hilda xx said...

Boo Hoo!!!! I cannot make Aly Pally this time, but I am sure it will be fabulous as usual. Hope all your goodies arrive and have a lovely time - AND I would have looked after your shop for you, you know - you just would not have had much left to come back to lol!!!

Helen said...

Fingers crossed all your boxes arive in time - I shall be there - I can't wait either!

Linda Cain said...

Crossing my fingers for you, Lin!!!!