Monday, 30 August 2010

Two days off!!

Today has been a public holiday here in the UK which means that I have had two days off.....woohoo!!! Well, much of Sunday was spent catching up on paperwork, housework and laundry, so that was a fun day off but today was much more relaxing. I managed to get a few hours playing beads....nothing work related......playing for me and creating something for nice!!! A month or so ago, I bought some el cheapo jewellery in the Next sale as I loved the combination of beads. I knew I would never wear it as the original piece, it was always my plan to pull it apart and make it into something a bit more my style. Here's a close up of the dangly bits on my finished necklace.
It's quite a long necklace and it incorporates a locket which I just love. Actually, a customer of mine purchased one of these lockets from a local store in Olney and I just loved it, so I went and got one for moi but I knew that I would have to do something else with it and it works perfectly with my Next bargain. Just for a bit of added interest I added a few beads to just one side of the long chain, look at the gorgeous filigre pattern on that silver bead....I love it.

It was difficult to see the whole thing hanging on the door handle.....hope you can see the over all shape better here.

Whilst I had a relaxing weekend, Mark , Alex my son and Chris my son-in-law worked just a teeny tiny bit harder than me!!!!! It started on Sunday when Chris helped Mark pull down some very overgrown trees and of course, Meg the dog helped enormously!

Then today Mark and Alex started to clear the garden to make way for the new studio that they are going to build for me. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am at the thought of having a studio where I can make beads, real beads, lampwork beads all by myself wearing my silly Biggles goggles. So here they are hard at work demolishing what we fondly called the station platform.....but that's a real long story!!! They found a wasps nest buried in there too!!!
They worked really hard today....I did make tea for them!

Talking of tea....looks like they snuck off for an unofficial tea break.

And another one!!!!
Finished for the day. Can you see those four pegs in the ground? That's how huge my studio is going to be!!!!!!!!!

The day was rounded off nicely when Kelly, my daughter arrived with my two favourite little people, Ronnie and Millie. They stayed for dinner and had a fun time playing with uncle Alex. Alex had been up in our loft and pulled down a whole load of his old toys that I couldn't bear to part with, a great big box of Lego and a complete set of Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Not too sure who enjoyed the Lego the thinks it could have been Alex.....but please don't tell him I told you!!!!!


mustavcoffee said...

How exciting, the proposed studio looks a perfect size and I'm really loving your necklace, always much nicer when you've made it to your design. So glad you had a good weekend, now it's a shorter week as well, yipee:D xx

Helen said...

Love the necklace!! You keep your men working hard - I was totally lazy but managed to play too.

Kay said...

Beautiful necklace! Looks like Meg did most of the work, LOL

Val said...

Beautiful necklace Lin. Wow - how lucky to have your own studio away from the house. A dream ....

Chris said...

Fabulous necklace. You must be so excited about your studio. I can hardly wait to see the progress pics.
Hugs, Chris

Minxy said...

Aw glad you found some time to play beads, i'm sure your studio will be fab when finished you lucky thing

Minxy said...

durr forgot to say i love the necklace x

karlalala said...

my Grand Boy LOVES Thomas the Train!! I'll pay for postage if you decide you want to part with them and want to send'em to me!! wink! Come to California!!

Hilda Gale said...

How lovely you got some "me" time Lin. Love the necklace. I have also been taking jewellery to pieces and making up my own "Danglies" but not for me to wear - they are to hang on an altered Abacas I am working on!!!!