Thursday, 8 July 2010

A quick question for you

I had a conversation in my shop today with one of my lovely, lovely customers who attends many of our classes. It appears that in Linda E.'s class today there was a conversation relating to future classes and it was suggested that we re-run some of our previous classes for those who were not lucky enough to secure a place on the class of their choice. Hmmmm, got me thinking.....excellent suggestion and the timing is perfect as both Linda and I are working on ideas and projects for the next schedule of classes that we hope will go on sale end of August ish.....that is very ish at the moment, date is not set in concrete yet!!! So my question to you guys is this.......was there a class on a previous schedule that sticks in your mind because you were unable to get a place? Or is there anything specific that you would like us to do? We already have some of the classes planned and they will involve UTEE and beeswax, some dead cute mini books, the art journaling will continue and of course there will be classes involving metal, paint and all things messy. Linda having just returned from Ranger U. is buzzing with ideas anyway but unless you guys tell us what you would like, we'll be teaching what we like!!!!

Really looking forward to hearing your suggestions....don't be shy, we will do our very best to please.

Lin x


kat 27 said...

Hi lin, I was at the class today,it was soooo good, the class I would most like (I know you have done it to death) is the arch, because I have never been able to go on the dates that you have feacherd it before. please please please....see you next friday Kat

Lottie said...

The arch with the metal outside and material inside

The printers tray

The journal

and I will wait to see the list!

Twig said...

Hi Lin, Sorry but it`s got to be the arch!! Think I probably speak for Lisa as well! We`re not really all trying to gang up on you!, but it is lovely, and I have not been able to make the dates before. See you 6th Aug.

Dragon said...

Hi Lin... I would just love to make one of your classes or weekends, particularly to do some metal work, but I do like the idea of the printer's tray ...

KathyW said...
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KathyW said...

Hi Lin

I would like to do the printers tray and arch

Hilary J said...

Lin - there are 3 I'd like to do - the grungepaper square, the metalled mirror and the bean can.

chris'nlinda said...

Hi Lin, I would like to put in a plea for something you did some time ago,I've drooled over for ages, is on display in the shop, and I would really, really, really love to make it - even if it needed more than one day - and that is the DREAM canvas, with the B-Line door in metal!! Please???
Also anything using beeswax sounds great! Chris

Val said...

Hi Lin

There are several things I would really love to do
- the metal arch
- the print tray
- square mirror with metal frame
- I would also like to learn how to make beads with the melt pan.

See you Monday.

Daniele said...

Hi Lin, I would love to do something with beeswax as I missed the class, I would love to do the arch....same as everyone else. I love the sample that features utee on your blog and P.S. can you ask my boss if I can have extra time off to come to more classes please, prefrably with pay so I can buy more stash
best wishes