Monday, 26 July 2010

New Ten Seconds Studio Kabuka Moulds

Cheryl and Megan at Ten Seconds Studio have taken delivery of their new babies, these fabulous new Kabuka moulds. They are away at CHA in Chicago until mid week but they have promised me that they will ship my order when they get back.....I'm most excited!!!! I have asked Cheryl in the past for a Christmas mould and she has really come up with a beauty. It is based on some of the wonderful Magenta Christmas images and I just know that you are going to love it, but my favourite has to be the one with the dress form which is on the other side of the lace trims. Not easy to see from this picture I know. Actually, I have a confusion about this picture....I stole it from Linda Cain's blog...Linda, I hope you don't mind but I really needed a picture.....please forgive me. If you have not seen Linda's blog before, there's a link on my side bar to transport you there, it's full of gorgeous and inspiring artwork.....go check it out. We don't have code numbers for these yet or their real names, so we made some up and they are already up on the website ready for you to pre-order here.

It's my first Art Journaling class tomorrow.....I can't wait....very exciting.....there's so much stuff...or should I say product....waiting in my workshop for my students to use tomorrow. I hope I remember to take's going to be a messy one!!!

Quick update on the cinema trip to see Toy Story 3....Millie who is just 2, loved every minute and managed to eat her whole body weight in popcorn and Ronnie who is 4 got scared of the monkey and wanted to go for grandad.....he liked it and did managed to steal a few handfuls out of Millies bag of popcorn.

I'll be back tomorrow to report of the Art Journaling.
Take care, Lin


Helen said...

Oh my - I've died and gone to heaven - magenta style images on a kabuka!!! Can't wait to see the art journal work tomorrow!

Sue said...

Oh oh oh there is a day of the dead mould!!! I can't believe it, I NEED one of those!!

Linda Elbourne said...

Having seen all the yummy product laid out in the workshop I am so tempted to just turn up tomorrow and pretend that I think it is Saturday :0)

Denise said...

Can't wait for you to get them in - have an order ready and waiting!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Love the new moulds, been over to TSS blog and the Christmas one is awesome.
My Granddaughter(age 3) loved Toy Story and ate her body weight in popcorn too!!

See you soon.xx