Friday, 21 May 2010

Now this is funny!!!

I really don't have the time to be blogging, I'm supposed to be loading the car with class kits for Artsycrafts this weekend but I had to share this with you. My two new fire extinguishers arrived today and this is how they looked when Karen and I screwed the hoses in place!!! They were like a pair of baby elephant trunks!!!
Oooh and whilst I was busy taking pictures of the new shiny, red life savers, I thought I would just grab a couple of pictures of my other new arrivals from Faber Castell....I'm sooooo excited by these.....they are Pitt pens.....all ready and waiting for the new journaling classes. Fab to use, fab colours, fab to stand and stare at and such fun choosing your colours.

Okay, so I really do have to run now. Got to get the car loaded. I'll be back next week with pictures from Artsycrafts and all the fun projects that we made.

Have a creative weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Lin x


Nicks said...

Enjoy your weekend!!

Helen said...

Oh my, those pens!! Have a great weekend.

Linda Cain said...

Love the pens! I am a recovering pen addict!


Traceyr said...

ooo what a fabulous load of pens ... I'm drooling. :)

Ellen said...

those hoses do look enormous . Hope you'll never need to use them.
thats a lot of pencils, all those colours to choose from.
Funny to think we used them when I was a small kid- eons ago and the company is still going strong.
have a great weekend