Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sarah's Wedding

My baby girl is not a baby any more, she' now a beautiful bride....slightly terrified, but beautiful none the less.
So many of you sent good luck wishes for Sarah and Chris's wedding, for which I thank you and you asked me to to put pictures on my blog, you may be sorry as this is more than one or two snaps, we have so many gorgeous pictures, I simply couldn't choose, so this is how the day went.
It started raining just as we were leaving the hotel to head towards Tythe Barn in Bicester where Sarah and Chris were married. I got lost on the way, it was only a 10 minute drive but Tom Tom was just rubbish that day and told me I had reached my destination when in fact he had taken me to an industrial estate!!! With only 10 minutes until the wedding was due to start, I started to panic and then it rained even more. It turned out the venue was just across the other side of the main road......phew....panic over.
Thankfully, the very organised staff at the venue were there armed with brollies to get us into the barn without getting too wet. We took our seats and before I could blink, the music started and Sarah came down the isle holding on firmly to her VERY PROUD Dad.
My little grandson Ronnie, who is only four, had spent the whole week getting extremely excited about walking down the aisle we with Sarah, Grandad, his mum (my daughter Kelly), Della and his baby sister Millie who were all bridesmaids. Sadly Ronnie was not at all well on the day, he had a high temperature and felt very tearful too. He did manage to walk down the isle beautifully with Millie, it was the cutest sight I had ever seen and of course I stated blubbing straight away! In fact I think I spent most of the day with a tissue in my hand!!!!

Here's the happy couple just about to sign the register. IT was just after this that Ronnie, even though he wasn't well, shouted at the top of his voice "Sarah.....I love you!" The place just melted with emotion, completely unprompted and his timing was perfect.

Everyone blew bubbles as the happy couple left the barn. That's my son Alex trying to get the camera on his phone to work.

This is one of my favourite pictures that Mark took in the beautiful grounds of the barn.

I am so shocking with photographs, I always close my eyes or pull a funny face, this is about the only picture of me that we have found so far that is printable, but I'm too worried as the picture is with my two girls who both looked stunning.

Second to Sarah, Millie stole the show. She had the best day ever! She ate sausages all day and danced all night. She is only two and she danced until 11pm!!!! IT was all to much for poor Ronnie though, his Dad Jimmy ended up taking him to stay with his other Grandma as all he wanted to do was go to bed and he is still quite poor now.

The happy couple cutting the most amazing wedding cake I have ever tasted, yum, yum!

One of the table decorations, which I am now the proud owner of.......I am thrilled with it, it matches the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that Sarah and Chris gave me.

Millie dancing the night away with her mum.

The view of the grounds just before sending off the bride and groom through a tunnel of sparklers.

And today they are off to Bali on their honeymoon. I think I have managed to stop weeping now.


Helen said...

Everyone looks extremely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the happy occasion with us - you must be so proud! That table decoration is fantastic!

Hels Sheridan said...

Oooh, I am shedding a tear romantic and how gorgeous you all looked...mother of the bride? more like sister hun :O)) Thanks for sharing these special pics and I wish the happy couple all the very best for their future together...and hoping little Ronnie is feeling better now..bless xx

Jennie said...

Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding.. didn't the mother of the bride look beautiful ? :)
Hugs to you

Linda Elbourne said...

Awwwwww XXX
So glad it all went Ok ... Wishing the happy couple all they ever dreamed of XXX

Val said...

Wow - Lin - it looks beautiful and such a happy occasion. As as for you - WOW - stunning!
Thanks for sharing

Kay said...

What a lovely wedding. The bride looked gorgeous, and so did the mother of the bride. Thanks for sharing with us x

Linda Cain said...

Fabulous pics of the gorgeous Bride and her family. My Tom Tom has made me a wreck with directions, too. Ooooh...sounds so like me!
Hope the little guy gets better. Out of the mouths of babes comes the greatest of words!!!!

You were beautiful! TFS...relax a bit now.


Burnice said...

Don't you all look beautiful? Gorgeous location too. Just loving the table dec too. Hope ronnie is feeling better. Would just like to wish the happy couple and long and prosperous life together. Burnice x

craftimamma said...

Thank you for sharing these very special photographs with us. Everyone looked amazing not least your beautiful daughter and her handsome husband.

My very best wishes to them both.


Cris said...

Lin, you have such a beautiful family! Your girls are stunning, and you looked pretty hot too mama!!! These photos are amazing. Congrats to the newlyweds. They look stunning together. xoxo

Nicks said...

Oh Wow you have such a lovely and beautiful family. so glad all went so well and I hope Ronnie feels much better soon

PS Love your outfit!

Karin said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding, fabulous pictures. Love the birdcage table decoration.You had nothing to worry about, you all 3 looked fabulous. Sorry to hear that Ronnie is still not feeling well.Hope he gets better soon!

Wendy said...

You looked fabulous Linda, I know just how hard the 'mother' bit is but you pulled it off a treat. Poor little Ronnie hope he is better soon and Millie is just so edible. Mark looks like he will burst with pride and that table decor......looks like a fantastic day all round.

Sue said...

Been following the run up to THE DAY and I'm so glad everything went beautifully. Wishing all of you every happiness ....

Angie said...

Love the photos ...Millie was so cute in the bubble one ...and you look stunning ...never mind your daughters ....glad the day went so well

The Crafty Chick said...

So glad it all went well, Ronnie did so brilliantly to manage his part! What a fairytale wedding, well done to Sarah for organising such a perfect day! She looked stunning - but of course she totally is!! Knew you'd be teary all day, but who wouldn't be!!

DF - Heidi said...

beautiful photos of a lovely looking family having a very special day thanks for sharing it must have been so special

Cheryl Darrow said...

The pics you took were beautiful, the bride and groom are beautiful and the setting was beautiful. Simply put Beautiful. Maybe someday I'll take some photos like that. You need a nice rest and relaxation and I hope you get it.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Wow!!! Sarah looked like a film star and your outfit was gorgeous.Glad you all had a lovely day and best wishes for the happy couple.x

Neet said...

Thank you for sharing. What a fabulous day for you all.
Re the photograph with you on it - you look as stunning as the two girls and not at all old enough to be the mother of the bride.
I am so envious of your bird cage - how fantastic to have those as table decorations.

Crafty Helen said...

Fantastic photos Lin. I know what you mean about the Tythe Barn - my husband was Best Man at his friend's wedding there about 6 years ago and due to a RTA we were sent on a wild goose chase to get there. He literally had minutes to help the Groom get sorted with his Irish kilt outfit. It's certainly a beautiful venue xx.

Jayne C said...

What beautiful pictures....looks like you all had a wonderful day xx