Monday, 22 February 2010

Tim Holtz Day

The big day finally arrived for Linda E. No more sleeps to go, we just had to fight our way through a blizzard to get to the NEC so that I could order new goodies for the shop and I could introduce Linda to Tim. She was very patient, she had to wait until three o'clock when his demo began on the Personal Impressions stand. She did managed to catch a glimpse of his arm at one point and she saw Mario, so thought that Tim would not be too far away but I have to confess she managed to remain composed until the big moment when she was actually, physically shaking. She was giddy with excitement but did mange to hold a conversation with Tim without talking complete gibberish. Tim was lovely with her, genuinely pleased to meet her and he made a gorgeous tag which he gave to her but I guess you probably all know this already as Linda herself has been telling the whole world that she personally received one of Tim's masterpieces. She also has a permanent grin on her face!!!

The tag that Tim gave Linda is full of all things Tim.....bright and colourful with the new Distress inks. Some Ideaology embellishments, a grungepaper fact all the things that Linda was just the perfect end to her day.

Now whilst we are talking about Distress is a pic of my very own complete set of new colours. I let Linda use them in a class on Saturday before I had even had the chance to open them. I did quickly manage to smoosh them on some scrap paper today as the suspense has been killing me. I knew I would love the green ones but I was surprised by how many of them are going to be favourites. I started to circle the ones I really love the look of and then realised that it was nearly all of them....choosing just one favourite will be simply impossible.

Don't forget, we have them in stock and they are available on line at and of course I will be taking them to Stevenage this coming weekend. If you would like to reserve some for collection at the show, call Karen on 01234 714848 or email me at cos I would hate for you to miss out!!!

Take care, Lin x


Helen said...

Lin, please save me some!! I am having trouble sorting out the trains (engineering works this weekend) but I HAVE to get there!! Just don't know how to decide which to get... don't think I can get them all at once... much as I would like to, lol. (course there is a lottery draw (2 even) before then.... See you Sunday, by hook or by crook.

Lottie said...

Glad you all had a lovely time and Linda fulfilled her life long ambition.

Thanks for giving us all the news and those colours are gorgeous. It is hard to tell what they are like by just seeing the lids - much better the way you have shown us.

Linda Cain said...

So glad another Linda got to meet the Master! Got my new inks the other day and love the colors!!!!

He is brilliant!

Linda C

Andrea said...

what a great picture of Linda with Tim, she has been so excited and her blogs been a pleasure to read giving us her run down up to the day xx

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