Friday, 18 December 2009

It's snow joke!

I'm really, really sorry that the shop is not open today. Karen rang me at 8am to say it was blizzard conditions in her neck of the woods. Her husband offered to drive her to work but I decided it was safest for her to stay put. I did however, take a careful drive over to the shop as it had stopped snowing where I live. Although the main roads were fine, the little roads in Olney were not so good. The worst part was actually the pathways in Olney, they had not been gritted so I made the decision to come home again. So, if you are trying to call the shop today, we are not there but you can email me at and hopefully, I'll be back in the shop tomorrow.

Stay warm, Lin


kjjc said...

sooooooo does that mean the classes are not going up today? (she says eagerly-I am not sitting here waiting watching the computer-I am not. Honest i M NOT)

Anonymous said...

Snow!!! It is very cold in Bristol (below freezing) but we have had no snow - what was even more bizarre is that I worked overnight last night and didn't have to de-ice my car!!!


Yours Artfully said...

Karen, I am going to do my very best to get the classes on the website by tonight. Not so easy when I'm doing it from home. If not tonight, def sometime tomorrow. Linda and I have got some fab things lined up for classes....can't wait to share it all with you. Watch this space!

kjjc said...

still sitting here Linda. Not really-lol