Monday, 30 November 2009

Dutch adventure

In less than two days, I flew to Holland, taught a 12 hour class.......yes, I did say 12 hours!!!! and flew home again. It was an amazing class, for an amazing store with an amazing group of people. Are you thinking that I had an amazing time yet? I had been invited by Joan, the owner of Joan Gavaert Rubber Stamping & Scrapbbooking store in Ede, Holland to teach the Arch class that Leandra and I designed. It has been in the pipeline for a long time but it finally happened last weekend. I was a bit concerned as I speak zilcho Dutch but I need not have worried as they were a great group of people who could all understand English. They even understood all the technical terminology like the scootchy, scootchy method, the scribbly,scribbly thing, the dotty, dotty thing and the schloopy,schloopy technique....just amazing!!!

Joan has only been the proud owner of this beautiful store for a year and I have to say, I fell in love with it, so if you are ever in the area, you need to go and pay a visit, it will definitely be worth your while. I was very jealous of the space that Joan has. For those of you who have been to my store, you will understand my jealousy as we have run out of spare space now, we are full to overflowing. I was even more jealous when she showed me her workshop area and storage area. Look at the size of this classroom, she can seat 50 people in there!!!!!!
So here are a few pics of my new Dutch friends, all hard at work
This is a picture of the lovely Leah, taking a picture of me whilst I was taking a picture of her!!!

They are all beavering away on the fabric part of the class, first stamping, then sponging colour followed by a touch of quilting and beading.

As you can see from the next couple of photos, they did a great job......or should I have said amazing!!!

And just to prove that it is not always females who are addicted to crafting, here is a picture of my only male student who didn't even complain about beading.

Fabric all finished, then the metalwork started. The whole of this Gothic arch was covered with sections of metal, all made with different techniques.
The final session of the class was using UTEE in the melt pot to create the now famous Leandra beads.
And now for my clanger of the weekend.....I do not have any photographs of the finished arches!!! I got so involved with talking to people at the end, that I completely forgot. I have asked Joan to try and get some pictures for me but if you attended the class and you are reading this blog post PLEASE, PLEASE send me a photo of your arch.
I was also very fortunate to be introduced to Angela Louwers, the editor of Art Specially which is a Dutch publication. We had a long chat and I'm chuffed to bits as I am going to have a project featured in a future issue.....I'll be sure to let you know when it's published.
Well, I think I'm off to catch up on some sleep as it's back to normality tomorrow.


Hels said...

Sounds like you have had a brill time...cannot wait til Friday...I got a class!!! Cannot wait!!! Friday!!! ROFL x

kjjc said...

back to normality?What is that?Very jealous-been a fan of her stamps for a while-would love to visit.Glad you had a good time.

Linda Elbourne said...

I am glad it all went so well ... 50 people and 12 hours though! YIKES :0)

WendyK said...

Well done, it sounds as if it went really well. I loved doing that arch, and have another one to do. Where is your shop??

WendyK said...

Ignore my where is your shop, another senior moment, or do I mean day. Your holiday sounds wonderful, a well deserved rest.

Yours Artfully said...

Actually and luckily, I only had 22students booked for me class, Joan's workshop can seat 50 people....I think I would have been on the floor teaching 50 prople on my own for over 12 hours!!!

Nicks said...

12 hours?? yikes! Looks like they all had a fabulous time though.. well of course they did!!

Anonymous said...

Sure it has been a wonderful day full of techniques and chatting.
You are a lovely teacher and i hope you will come again. My arch is finished but not yet photographed. So if you send a bit of sunshine, I will send a photo.

Els Tange said...

Linda you did an amazing job. After the 12 hours class you teached us some more techniques with terra and ferro. What an energy you have! Thanks for those wonderful hours, we certainly meat again! Greetings Els

Els Tange said...

sorry, we no meat but meet again.

Lia said...

Hi Linda, thanks (again :-)for the fun we had this weekend! You did a great job and after a day of teaching you still had the energy to give a demo with the Viva products, WOW!
I can't wait to read your interview in Art Specially!
Until next time!

MvM-design said...

Hi Linda! I wasn't at the workshop on saterday bus Friday at the demo. I worked with the paint and mediums already and posted on my blog. Thanks for showing the technics !

Greatings Marleen

Yours Artfully said...

Thank you to all my new Dutch friends for your kind comments, I am so pleased that you all enjoyed the class so much. An even bigger thank you for speaking English!!!!

Margo said...

Hi Linda,

I was also in your class in Ede. And I enjoyed it very much!! I am so happy with my arch. I will thank you very much for the good time we had with you!!

Lottie said...

How fantastic - I am glad you not only had such a successful trip, but made some great contacts and met some wonderful people.

I love Holland - everyone you come across seems to speak English !

Neet said...

This looks absolutely fantastic - must find some time to come down and do a class - problem is Which One!!