Friday, 13 November 2009

Episode two

Episode two......there is so much to tell you, I'll try not to rattle on too much and just let the photographs tell the story.

After two extreeeeemely wet days, thunder storm, torrential rain, you get the picture we had three glorious sunny days...chilly, but bright and sunny, it couldn't have been better so we had a little trip on a gondola.

Mark wasn't too sure about a gondola ride but how can you go to Venice and not do the whole "one Cornetto" thing!!! I think he enjoyed it in the end!

Oops! I should have put this picture with the story about the Hard Rock Cafe, cos that's where it lives. It's actually red Murano glass, it's very clever how it's made but this piece was just hiddious!!!
This is a snap of one of the working furnaces on Murano. They are a team of three, with precision timing, all involved in making a carafe. The junior guy, gets the glass ready, the middle man does a bit of the preparation and the Grand Master hand finishes off every piece. I was so impressed that I bought don't want to know how much it cost, but it is personally signed by the Grand Master!!!!!!! It's hard to see how beautiful the colours are in a photograph but take it from me, the burgundy and gold mixed with the crystal clear glass is simply stunning.

I have to admit that I really don't want to see another pizza for a long, long time!!! I was shocked by the menu in most restaurants, just pizza and pasta. I know I'm a bit silly at times but I really thought there would be more choice. Anyway, this was one of Mark's strangest choices.....egg & bacon pizza!!

This was a much nicer choice, ice cream from Nico's in Dorsoduro. Mark just had vanilla, I had vanilla, tiramisu and after ice cream ever!!!!

Here are a few of my favourite shots. This is the square at San Marco.

The gondolas all looked so fab, all lined up like little soldiers!!!

This was the view from one of the smaller bridges.

Episode three to follow soon.


kjjc said...

darkroom door eat your heart out. That last photo is great.

Helen said...

Just love the sound of the After Eight ice cream!! Thanks for sharing your holiday photos they're brilliant - I'd love to go to Venice, just need someone to take me - probably not the best place for singletons!

Artyjen said...

Ooooh! One day? Thanks for sharing.

Linda Elbourne said...

These episodes are fab ... More great pictures ... glad you had a good time ... and I am whispering this ... I rather like that garish chandelier ... in fact I rather like it ... a lot :0)

Jinnag said...

Lovely photos Linda. I specially love the gondolas. I am so envious Venice is still onmy "to Do" list" But I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

Helen said...

Just popping back again - there is an award for you on my blog. x

Lesley said...

My favourite place in all the world...Venice! I do envy your your trip!

I took so many photographs of the architecture the last time we were there. They make fabulous backgrounds!

Lesley x

prashant said...

That last photo is great. Work from home India

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What a fantastic review. I'm going to HAVE to go and experience all of this myself I think one day if I get the opportunity....sounds fabulous