Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It's in the can!

Beans, beans are good for your art........the more you eat....the better your art gets!!!!

Sorry, I know that was terrible....just couldn't resist!!!!

Just thought I would share the second of Linda Elbourne's three baked bean tins.....how fab is this? All three will be on display at our ArtsyCrafts event this weekend and after that they will be on display in the shop for all to see. Don't you just love her attention to detail?

And the best one is yet to come!!!! I'll post that one next week.


Linda Elbourne said...

And there was me thinking I might nick your pictures coz I thought yours were way better :0)
This is such fun :0)

Kay said...

I wish I was coming so I could see the bean tins (and Linda) in person :( Once Christmas shopping is done I am going to save like mad so I can come to the next one!!

Helen said...

Not sure how she can get them better! Lovely metalwork. Can't wait for next week to see the next one.

Hels said...

Can;t wait to see them for real..make sure you nail them down Linda cos I may not be able to stop myself snaffling one LOL.....fab work from LindaE...brilliant! xx

Andrea said...

just fantastic and can not wait to see them in the flesh x