Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tired but happy!

Been to Worthing, unpacked the van at Worthing, Set up the show at Worthing.....did the show at Worthing....taught a class at Worthing, re-packed the van at Worthing and drove home from Worthing and fell into my bed...after I watched X Factor of course!!

We are always made to feel so welcome at Worthing, it's a great little venue and I get to have the most humungous stand at this's great. Mark took a couple of piccies for me before the show opened, mainly because I wanted a picture of my new whizzy metal L.B.Crafts sign. Have been thinking about doing a metal one for some time but you know how it is, something more important always crops up, so I've been doing a little bit each night until it was finished. Actually, I've now decided that it's not finished at all, I'm going to add a couple more strips of faux rivets down the edges and may add a touch of colour...undecided about what colour, if indeed I do colour it at all.....I think I need to stop waffling!

Anyway, the show turned out great.....really pleased, met some great people, previous customers as well as many new ones. Did a great little class, it was just a taster of TSS and a little folder decorated with PaperArtsy stamps. A couple of the Craft Stamper design team were on my class, both Helen Chilton and Jo Capper-Sandon, that was fun as those guys had not met each other before. If my sample was not still packed in the van, there would be a picture of it here but that's a lot of boxes to shift on a Sunday will have to wait!!

We are starting to think about Ally Pally now which is only two weeks away...yikes!!! I've got a couple of great specials offer type things up my sleeve for the early birds at the show. All I can reveal at the moment is that one will be a B Line offer and the other will be PaperArtsy. You'll have to keep checking back to find out what it is!

Okay, so know I'm off to do the food shopping....there's nothing in my fridge and all the family are coming for Sunday lunch, including my two favourite little people Ronnie and Millie. Millie has just started walking and it just melts your heart to see the grin on her face, it's been a long time coming, she's 17 months now but she's finally cracked it!!!


Helen said...

Glad you got back home safely. I collapsed indoors around 7 and made myself cook (I was starving, hadn;t really eaten all day) before I sat down as I knew I wouldn't get up again!! It was good to see you - I made a version of the tag you did for me once I got my "second wind" around 10!!!! See you at the Pally.

Stamperlou said...

Hi Lin.
I was running the Crafter's Companion stand yesterday and had a lovely day. There was a really good atmosphere in the room. Would have loved to come & shop with you, but was too busy all day! Shouldn't complain about that, but I always manage to find some goodies on your shelves....!!
Lou Thompson

Nicks said...

have you been to Worthing? I've had a funny feeling you have?? LOL
Great sign! Looking forward to seening it and you at AP, please don't tempt me with bargains at your stall I spend out at LB crafts as it is!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Loved it, really had a great time.

And I'm no longer a virgin...a workshop virgin that is lol...cheers ;0)

Hopefully see you at Ally Pally if all goes to plan for me.

Karin said...

I had a brilliant time at Worthing. Thanks for putting on a great mini workshop, I really enjoyed it.

Linda Elbourne said...

That sign looks fabulous - I am voting for you not to colour it ... I know you did n't ask ... I just though I would say :0)

kjjc said...

sounds like you had a fun-packed time if not just a little hectic. So I'm hoping, selfishly, that you recover for friday's workshop. See you then. have a few good rests.

Helen said...

Had a great time at the workshop Linda - my first too! Have posted my little folder on my blog!
Great to meet everybody.

Anonymous said...

Was lovely to see you again Linda, and your mini workshop was brilliant, loved every minute! Your sign is just stunning! Look forward to seeing you at the Ally P!
Alison xx

Mole said...

Great to see you up and blogging, Linda! And glad the Worthing trip was worthing-while groan bad pun ... Gill from Nailsworth!

Sue Abbott said...

Wish I could have been there, you always give such great workshops, you are so talented. Thanks for the recent comment on my blog about Josh, our new grandson. I understand now how you feel with your two little darlings.There's not a feeling like it. Hope to see you sometime. Wish the ArtsyCraft weekend was a bit closer to home, but stil, never mind, maybe one day?
Sue x

Anonymous said...