Thursday, 24 September 2009

Just two sleeps left!!

Yippee, yippee, yippee do!!! My long awaited boxes arrived from America this morning.....phew, what a relief. They contained the beauuuuutiful new images from B Line Designs. Here's a quick peek at what it looked like in the shop when I unpacked the boxes......are they just gorgeous.

Actually there is a funny story behind the delivery this morning. I had been tracking these parcels on line since they left Oklahoma on Tuesday. Late last night I knew they were at East Midlands airport but wasn't sure if they would clear customs in time for delivery today. I have been at the shop at the crack of dawn every day this week as there has been so much to do. At 8.55 I popped out to get some milk, knowing that the UPS man usually delivers at lunchtime. When I got back with milk....oh and chocolate!!! there was a note through the door, the UPS man had dare he be could he do this to me? I didn't even think about locking the shop, I ran down the road waving him down like a mad woman possessed!!!! He had mixed feelings about seeing me....yes, it meant he didn't have to come back but now he had to unload the five heavy boxes that he had just put back on his little brown UPS van!!!

Then Gill, my lovely postie lady came bearing a Special Delivery box....from Paperartsy......I carefully opened it. A flock of Archies has landed....they are just sooooooo cool.....Leandra, you did a great job!!! These little guys are just to die for.

I've got another little piccie of the B Line offer too.

Okay, so we are nearing the end of our little countdown...stop by tomorrow for the final unveiling in all its glory and hope to see you at the show. Oh, and thanks for joining in the countdown fun.


Linda Elbourne said...

I am glad your parcel arrived safely ... aint that always the way though ... you turn your back for five seconds ... my postie always waits for me to go to the little ladies room ... I am sure that is his days entertainment!

Make sure you say yes to whatever Leandra asks you with reference to a raffle :0) erm ... please :0)

Andrea said...

I am not going to Ally Pally but hopefully you will have some of the new goodies left for the Weekend in October and I need more Wendy Vecchi stamps to xx

Helen said...

Wow! I'm glad that delivery arrived - I love that stamp with the fob watches on - going on my must have list!! Really want one of those Archies, I hope I get to you in time (are you open to bribes??)

Jo said...

I was going to sacrifice my trip to Ally Pally this time but thanks to your posts and Leandra's I decided I just can't bear to miss it. Can wait to see the Archies in the (metallic) flesh. oh, and you and Leandra too of course!

Andrea said...

Just been on Leandra's Blog and she needs a couple of "Archie's" for a raffle for us people who live in the "sticks" and can't make it to Ally Pally.....Pleeeease say YES!!!
Glad everything has arrived.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Love the new bline stamps , yummy.
Love Lorraine x

Mole said...

If only I were coming tio Ally Pally! I will just have to drool over your tantalising pix instead!

Anonymous said...

The stamps looks lovely - can't wait to lay my mitts on them... Hope the weekend goes really well.


Suze said...

I told Leadra I wanted an Archie too!!!!
But..I L-O-V-E that crown stamp !