Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Metal Mania

We just had our latest shipment of Ten Seconds Studio goodies and guess what? We have new stuff!!! Okay it is only two new lines but I am very excited about these new colours of aluminium. The first is called Dijon which is a mustard/ochre with a matt finish and the second one is called mocha. I had to have a little play straight away. I covered this cute little chest with the Dijon, added some black acrylic paint, wiped off the excess and when it was dry, spritzed it with Wheatfields Glimmer Mist for a very antique but pretty look.

I am now playing with the Mocha one, very nice!!!! I just quickly threw it on a mould to emboss it, sanded off the paint so that the aluminium shows through. I havn't made it in to a completed sample yet but will post a photograph when it is finished. These new colours should be up on the website tonight, ready for ordering. If you can't wait until then, they are already on the Ten Seconds website.

I'm really amazed by how many people have asked me how Meg is doing. Well, she is still a real live wire but we do love her to bits. Her latest fun thing to do is sit in my flower pots!!! Since this photograph was taken, she has decided that plants do not belong in this flower pot and promptly dug them out so she could sit in it and stand guard over the whole garden!!!!

It was my Dad's 75th birthday last week so we had a family gathering of myself and Mark, our three children Kelly, Sarah and Alex. Kelly's husband Jimmy, their children Ronnie and Millie and last but by no means least Chris who is Sarah's boyfriend. We took my parents out for a lovely Sunday lunch and then back to Kelly's house for birthday cake in the garden. Here is Sarah presenting my Dad with his cake, he was laughing so much as the girls had changed the numbers around so it was his 57th birthday really!!! Ronnie was on hand to blow out his candles in case he didn't have enough puff!!!

Normally my parents would have stayed with me for the whole weekend but sadly when they did that at Easter, their house was burgled whilst they were away and now they are frightened to stay away from home. It is very sad and it makes me very angry. They lost all my mum's jewellery and a few odds and ends but it was the mess that they made of their house. The front door had been kicked in and all of their belongings were strewn all over the house. My dad is normally a very strong minded person and I can't believe what this has done to him. Anyway, we spent a lovely day with him and he is such a proud great grandad and he's the best dad ever!!


Linda Cain said...

Terrific piece! Love that mold!
Linda C

andrea said...

Fab new colours not sure which i like the most. Love the chest, hope you've got them in stock!!!
Meg is fab and Dad's are the best.

tanya watts said...

great new metal!! i'm still playing with the stuff i got a few weeks ago! i love it!!!

shame about your parents! does make you angry!!!

cute meg!!!
xox tanya

Sue Abbott said...

Hi Lyn, that is so awful about the burglary, it really must be so hard to get over. Hope things are otherwise ok. Take care.
Sue x

Nicks said...

Lovely work as always Lin, Mmm like the sound of the new colours.... now I wonder if I can persuade OH that we need a camping weekend up your way and then we could 'just come across' your shop.
So sorry to hear about your parents/burglary, that happened to my Nan and to be honest she never really got over it