Monday 2 August 2010

Answer to a question

For Angie who asked a question about the weight of the paper in my journal. I really don't let the weight of the paper worry me too much. My pages really do take quite a bit of abuse with all the layers of paint and sprays. I find if you have the time to let them dry naturally instead of blasting with a heat gun, this helps with the buckling situation so I'm finding it helpful to have more than one journal on the go so that whilst I'm waiting for something to dry, I can work in another book. If I know in advance that it is going to be a very wet page, a base coat of a good quality gesso helps. I really like Claudine Hellmuth's gesso....great coverage. But of course, sometimes you just don't know what you will end up throwing on a page and if the whole wrinkly thing does happen, I'll stick a few pages together after I have finished my work so I always leave a few blank pages either side on the work in progress, just in case.

Hope this helps, Lin


craftimamma said...

Thanks for those useful tips Lin.

Lesley Xx

Francesca said...

I really love the flower project you have done on your web site where can I order the supplies if I live in US?

yoursartfully said...

Francesca, the stamps and dies are from a UK manufacturer, if youwant to buy in the US, you need to google Paperartsy products. I am happy to send to the US if you can't find what you need. All available at
The metal products are from Ten Seconds Studio which again, I am happy to ship but will be readily available in the US.Contact for your nearest stockist.

So pleased that you enjoyed the tutorial.