Wednesday 14 April 2010

Ally Pally Review

It has now been three days since Ally Pally and I am finally starting to feel human again. What an amazing was soooooo busy and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you for your continued support, it means such a lot when you all stop by to see what I have been up to with all the new products. I had great fun playing with all the new Viva products, especially the Inka Gold line......what a wicked product this is. It appears that you guys loved it too as the phone hasn't stopped ringing with people wanting extra colours. I know that I say this a lot but we really will try and get it on the website soon.
It was also a great privilege to have Linda Elbourne alongside me for the duration of the show. Many of you know her from her amazing blog and you now know that she is just as funny in real life. She was a tad terrified at the prospect of demonstrating live for two days but she did a fabulous job, she's definitely a natural.
I had intended to take photographs of all the things I made during my demos but ended up giving them all away but I do have a couple of shots of us on the stand. This is before the show even opened it's doors, we were talking to some other exhibitors and generally messing around with preparation for our demos. This is the serious shot. Karen on the left, me on the right and Linda E. in the middle. Mark was trying to get a good picture for me so that I could blog....not too bad.
But all went horribly wrong and we all got the giggles!!!
This is my demo desk before the show should have seen the mess by the end of day 1!!!!

I was such a lucky girl. Two very sweet customers came armed with gifts for me. Thank you Trudy for my fabulous little post it note's gorgeous....I love it!!!

The inside is just as gorgeous.

And thank you also to Rita. My gift came in this hand made box, which is a gift in itself.

And inside was a hand made, lavender filled cute is this!
Thank you ladies, I was truly touched.
Finally just a quick word about the amazing Paperartsy new products. I am so sorry if you didn't manage to get any of the new Hot Picks. We sold out pretty fast I'm afraid along with the matching dies. Leandra and Mark are going to get new stocks to me asap of both the stamps and the dies so if you would like to have them reserved, just email me at as I know they are just going to fly out the door as soon as they arrive.
I'm off to watch American Idol.
Take care, Lin x


Helen said...

Great gifts - it was a wonderful day, so glad to hear you're on the mend now. It's always a pleasure to shop with you!

Elaine said...

I really enjoyed my vists to the LB stand over the weekend and watching both yourself and Linda E. Thanks for your hard work and creative inspiration - and for the introduction to those lovely new Viva products - gorgeous! Elaine

craftimamma said...

It was the first time I had been to Ally Pally and I loved every minute but especially the ones spent watching all those gorgeous goodies being put to such wonderful creative use on the LBCrafts stand.

It was especially great to meet you and Linda E whose blogs I follow. I ditto the comment by my friend Elaine about the inspiration and the fab new Viva products and can't wait for our planned visit to the shop in 8 weeks time.

Lesley Xx

Dragon said...

So glad you had a lovely time and I am only sorry I could nit get down there... do you do the NEC... that's muy neck of the woods!!

Trudy said...

loved the demos..the new products...the fantastic piece of art work you give glad you liked my little book.

Trudy xx

Minxy said...

there are more pics of both you and linda on my blog, was nice to meet you in person, keep up the fab work and get those viva's on the wedsite so i can order more lol

Minxy said...

sorry didn't direct link.. pics are about mid way down...

{the word verification for this post was sperm !!!.. sorry had to share as thought it amusing :P}

Anonymous said...

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