Friday 8 January 2010

Snow update

The shop is closed again today...I'm so sorry. I have had quite a few emails wondering when we are going to re-open as you guys are anxious to book classes and see if there are places on the ArtsyCrafts weekends. Well, if we do not have any more snowfall, I am hoping to be in the shop tomorrow to take class bookings. Sorry that I cannot do this by email as all the details of available spaces are in the shop. I can however confirm that there are still some spaces on all the ArtsyCrafts weekends, so if you are thinking of booking, please fill in your form and pop it in the post.

Please try and stay safe and warm. Above all, make the most of being housebound and go create something beautiful!

Lin x

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love the snowy photos and thanks for sharing the technique.

We have had snow since way before Christmas and it hasn't stopped.

I have had to rescue my little bantams as the snow was above their heads - so they are now in my lean-to greenhouse - having a great time jumping on and off pots, scratching in compost and generally treating it like a trip to a theme park.

We are snowed in too - and no hope of going anywhere until Wednesday if the forecasts are correct.

I am sure that your customers will understand - and would not want to risk life and limb to get to the shop either.