Monday, 11 January 2010

The excitement is building!!!!

I'm finally back at work. We managed to make our way there on Saturday, it was freeeeezing cold in the shop as it had been empty for so long, but we braved the cold and the phone rang all day as it has today, with callers who had missed us for the three days that we were closed.

The snow has really interrupted our sale, I had planned on getting the shop back to normal next week before my trip to the US but we may leave it for a little while longer yet as I know that there are many of you frustrated by the thought of missing out on some of the fab bargains.

The excitement is building, we are starting to get press releases for CHA from many of the US suppliers, tempting us with sneak peeks of their new releases and all of this will be happening soon in sunny California (I am hoping it will be sunny, I want to pack my sandals.....I'm so sick of wellie boots!). Ten Seconds Studio have got some great new moulds on offer and they will all be ordered immediately, so it will only be a couple of weeks before we have them on the shelves. Ranger have 12 new colour Distress ink pads.....can't wait to see what else they have. Tim has been chatting on his blog about all his new lines, if you have not seen it, hop over there and check it all out, he has new stamps, new items have been added to his Ideaology line with Advantus and some fab new dies with Sizzix. I have spotted a few new items that I am very excited about but I want to keep a few surprises under my hat until I get back.....that's mean isn't it....making you wait, but I'm sure everyone loves a surprise and so it will be worth the wait!!

Ooh, I nearly forgot, Wendy Vecchi has 12 new sets of stamps with Studio 490 and from all the teasing snippets she has been posting, they are on my list of must haves.

I'm travelling on my own to LA this year but have arranged to meet up with many of my American friends, old ones and new, so it should be a fun trip. I have booked three classes as well. It has been a while since any classes really appealed to me but this year about six were calling me. I was only able to book on three as some of the times clashed and others were not at convenient times, but hey, that's okay as some of the classes start at 7am....yep I did say am, and I'm not prepared to get up that early every day!!!

So, it's a busy time ahead for me, lots to do before I go. I need to get everything organised for my classes, ordering for the shop and buying birthday presents for my daughter Sarah. It's her 30th birthday as soon as I get back from LA and we are having a bit of a do at her big sister's brand new house. I guess you could say it's sort of a house warming/birthday celebration rolled into one. Exciting times for Sarah, big birthday in Feb...followed by wedding in March. And of course I need to find outfits for both of these and at the moment the shops are just full of sale items!!!

Okay, enough waffling for today....I'm off to have my chicken and chips that Mark has cooked for smells divine!!!

Take care, Lin x


Nicks said...

yes you are a meany, but I'm looking forward to hearing what new goodies you will be getting.
More Moulds... yum!
Tim's stuff looks exciting
Please find loads more candy for us.
Sure you will oblige!!

Linda M. Cain said...

I'm taking 6 classes and one is at 7AM, too! I didn't get in Tim's but I did get in Claudine's.
I could go now to get out of this awful cold and snow!!!

Hope to see you there!

Linda C

Kaz said...

OOOOOO you might get your outfits in the US?? hope it all goes smoothly, you lucky thing, can't wait to see what you order and what's new, I've been checking out Tim's blog as well, LOVE anything he does
have a safe trip and enjoy your dinner!! :)

InkyArtitude said...

Have you seen the weather forecast for Aneheim next week? Look here:

I have a friend who lives in Santa Anna, she emailed last Sunday... it was 85 degrees and she was in her pool. All I can say is take your wellies, a mac and brolley, we're gonna get wet, wet, wet! I was so looking forward to some sun but I suppose a warm deluge is better than all the white stuff we've had of late.
Hope to see you there, come say hi if you get a minute... we're on stand 3525.
Take care, have a good flight.

kanishk said...

I could go now to get out of this awful cold and snow!!!

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Michelle said...

Hi Lin
wonderful work, and how brilliant to have it displayed at the show. Totally stunning. Have a great time.
x Michelle