Thursday, 24 September 2009

One sleep left to the to the big AP weekend

My goodies all arrived in time and today we have been down to AP to set up our booth. Somewhere in them there boxes hides a flock of Archies and a beautiful bunch of B Line pressies...I hope there feathers are not all ruffled!!!!
It takes hours to set up our booth, but today it was really quite painless, it went very smoothly and I didn't forget anything....and believe me that's a first! Anyway, we ploughed our way through the boxes, Mark pretended to be Leandra for a while, standing behind her demo table...actually he just stopped for a spot of lunch and a quick cuppa.

Looky, looky, looky what I found!! Pressies galore....all you have to do to become the proud owner of one of these little beauties is to spend some of your pennies. If you are in love with Archie and would like to take him home with you, he's all yours if you purchase £25.00 worth of Paperartsy stamps. If you are longing for B Line botanical, beaded necklace, handmade by Beverly Seymour herself, them you simply have to purchase £25.00 worth of B Line stamps to qualify for your free gift. Both the Paperartsy and B Line giveaways are unique to this show, so it really is a one time only offer. But remember, we have a limited number and we expect them to fly off the rack quickly.

So after many hours work, this is how our booth looks now....simply stuffed with goodies waiting to find new homes over the next two days. It was such a gorgeous day today, we thought we would share the view from Ally Pally which is at the top of a huge hill......enjoy. Hope to see you over the weekend.


Helen said...

Doesn't it all look peaceful without the crowds!! See you tomorrow - and I really hope there are some Archies left as I have to have one!!!
I love the view from the top of the hill - it is fantastic on a day like today.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Archie looks so cool and I adore that B Line butterfly.
Wish I could make it there.

All the best for the show.

Unknown said...

I hope everything goes well Lin ... The stall looks yummy ...I really wish I could make it!

Anonymous said...

Just can't wait for tomorrow, Lin! Ally Pally really is the BIG one! Twenty five pounds on B-Line stamps??...... No problem at all!!! :)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Wish I could be there.....Have a great weekend.x

Helen said...

Thanks for a great day!

Nicks said...

Was lovely to see you in 'action' again! I pretended not to hear the groan of my credit card as I gave it to Mark for processing!

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